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PRODUCT SAMPLE POLICY: All product sample costs will be provided by Imging Solutions, LLC. Freight charges for all samples will be billed to the purchaser. Company shipping accounts may be provided for all shipped samples if requested by purchaser. This information will be needed at the time of sample order. Because Imging Solutions, LLC., does not manufacture, warehouse goods or view the product before order is placed, a request for a sample is strongly recommended. After sample order is received by purchaser, that sample becomes property of the purchaser, and may only be returned upon request and dependent on the terms and conditions of the vendor. Any refund for any sample is given only at the discretion of Imging Solutions, LLC., and the particular policies of each vendor.


PRE-PRESS PROOFS: Are always subject to availability & relevancy and will always be provided when possible. All freight charges, set up charges and imprint charges will be billed to the purchaser in lieu of any future product considerations. These costs may be able to be waived if a product order is confirmed and finalized within the normal production schedule. Each vendor will have its own policy regarding completion schedules.


RETURN POLICY: All quality and/or product discrepancies MUST be made within 10 business days of receipt of product. Imging Solutions, LLC., will strive to uphold and deliver the highest quality product standards possible. Returns are subject to the individual manufacturer/vendors individual return policies and/or possible re-stocking fees. No refunds will be given on the set up charges, the run charges or the shipping/handling charges. All freight charges are estimated until purchaser is invoiced for the remaining balance on order, and is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Imging Solutions, LLC will always look to a reasonable solution for any issue regarding said product or fees and return products to manufacturer/vendor upon request from the purchaser.


DEPOSITS: All purchasers placing orders with Imging Solutions, LLC., may be required, at our discretion, to place a 50% deposit for all estimated charges per order. After orders have been approved by the purchaser, produced and shipped, an invoice will be sent an due for the remaining balance with all fees outlined.


PAYMENT: For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards for all orders. If purchaser requests a check to be submitted, please understand that the order will not be placed with manufacturer/vendor until said check is received at the office of Imging Solutions, LLC. Please note that this may delay order and interrupt scheduled finish date. Returned check fee is $45.00.


Please also note that Imging Solutions, LLC., has the right to pursue to extent of the law as described and enforced by the Maricopa County Attorney’s office. We do report bad check writers.

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